Study abroad Thailand to enjoy both an engaging academic program and life in one of the world’s most exciting country. Exotic, warm and convenient location with good travel connections to Southeast Asia. In order to study in Thailand you need to apply for a student visa before the start of the semester. A Thai student visa is a Non-Immigrant Visa ED.

Benefits of Studying Thailand

  • seeking to pursue alternative paradigms of thought and human development can learn much from the “Sufficiency Economy” principles of His Majesty the King, the world’s longest reigning monarch. Over the long term, with the global scenario in such a state of flux, the “Sufficiency Economy” offers unique ideas for sustainable, holistic and grassroots-oriented solutions to many of today’s problems.
  • A number of universities and higher education institutions such as the Asian Institute of Technology, Mahidol, Chulalongkorn, ABAC, Thammasat and Kasetsart have proven track records of expertise in specific areas such as environmental studies, agriculture, law and energy. There is no better place to get a degree in Buddhist studies
  • Nearly all the major universities have academic tie-ups with international universities. This facilitates exchange programs by both students and academics. A number of Thai universities boast high-level graduate programs in business and management. Nearly all of these courses are being taught in English
  • Learning to speak Thai will be a massive advantage in any profession because it means you can be called upon to speak with other staff or clients who speak little English. For example, as a teacher you will be able to speak with parents, and also better relate to your students. As a company employee, you will be able to join in conversations between Thai staff.

Intakes in Year

  • New academic year starts every January and August.

Fee Structure

The Education Visa costs 2,200 Thai Baht (70 USD, 50 EUR - subject to change) paid to The Thai Embassy or Consulate. The extension of visa costs 1,900 Thai Baht for three months, payable at Bangkok Immigration Bureau

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