Every student should be in possession of the relevant permit issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department. The student visa is issued for a specific educational institution. In case of the foreign student deciding to change an educational institution, one must then obtain a new residence permit.
School attendance is compulsory and concerns the programmes and disciplines of study approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
International students from non EU countries need a student visa for entry to Cyprus. Student visas are issued only to full-time international students. A full-time student is one who takes a minimum of 12 credits in a semester.
Student visas can be issued either by an Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the candidate's home country or by the Migration Department in Cyprus.

Benefits of Studying Cyprus

  • North Cyprus universities encourage study abroad programs by offering generous international students scholarships. So you get to study abroad cheaply and also with a scholarship.
  • Not only tuition fees but also living expenses are moderate. Estimated average living expenses for international students are 450-600 US dollars per/mon.
  • Compared to more popular Study Abroad Destinations around the world, Cyprus has a lower number of international students, this makes study much more interaction between students and the instructor.
  • Medical Insurance, Provided by the Government.
  • Cheap Accommodation on Campus and Around the City.
  • Study-Work Program with Paid Intern-ship.

Language Required

We accept the following English language tests:

  • Students Without IELTS CAN APPLY
  • Requires Only WAEC Or NECO For Admission

Work Rights During Studies

  • Part time work during studies is allowed to students who have a work permit.
  • Students have the opportunity to work.
  • During the semester: up to 20 hours per week.
  • During break time: up to 38 hours per week.

Intakes in Year

  • One in September and one in February

Fee Structure

€55 Application fee (application will not be processed without this non-refundable fee)
€55 Application fee (application will not be processed without this non-refundable fee)

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