Belarus is a small country placed between Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania and has an estimated population of 95 Million. The country became independent from Russia in 1991 and is relatively built after that. There are many medical universities in Belarus including Belarus state medical university and many more. The two official languages such as Russian and Belarusian are used by most of the people. Belarus study and more precisely, MBBS in Belarus is a growing topic of discussion among the Indian students.

MBBS in Belarus

  • Standard and quality of Education in Belarus is highly comparable to the international standard. That’s why studying in Belarus is being a best choice among both domestic and International students.
  • From all over the world troop into Belarus for studies in their respective courses of choice, because education in Belarus is of very high standard. Studying in Belarus is more than just a dream of having a degree program or a Master program abroad
  • The Belarusian universities and other high institutions are immensely equipped with education facilities to meet the standard of any present day academic challenge. There are medical universities, Technical and technological Universities as well as Classical universities in Belarus.
  • Medical courses in Belarus are of standard quality; hence, Belarusian Medical Universities are among the best Medical universities in the world. Nowadays, international students are considering Belarus as a medium of academic excellence because of the friendly environment, good Weather condition, Standard of living, and Tuition fees, Quality of education, Language of instructions, Quality instructors, and lots of other qualities of education system in the country.

Why Study MBBS in Belarus

If you are thinking of studying medicine in an abroad country than Belarus is the best place because you are given lectures by highly qualified professors with modern labs and most modern techniques in the medical field. That is the obvious reason that every year thousands of foreign students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Arab countries come to study medicine in Belarus.

  • Fee structure in most of the medical universities in Belarus is quite affordable. As a result, it attracts the Indian students to fulfill their dream of pursuing world class education. Along with the reasonable fee structure, the cost of living is affordable.
  • Climate ranges from mild to moderate, especially during the winter.The summers on the other hand are cool and moist. The country lies in a transitional zone between maritime climates and continental climates.
  • Finding accommodation is not a big deal in Belarus. Most of the medical universities offer hostel facilities to the Indian students, and the accommodation fees are very affordable. The hostel rooms are comfortable with high quality services ranging from kitchen, student café, internet, laundry etc.
  • The Belaruscuisines mainly comprises of vegetables, bread and meat. They prefer foods that are slowly cooked or stewed. They eat light meals, and dinner is the largest meal of the day. Indian people will love trying out the Belarusian cuisines.

Benefits of MBBS for Indian Students

English medium of instructions throughout the period of study.

  • Medical degree recognized by world institutions.
  • Eligibility for license exams MCI,PMDC,USMLE,PLAB,HPCSA,SCHS etc.
  • Belarus medical degree is recognized globally.
  • Very easy admission process at medical schools.
  • Affordable tuition fee.
  • Modern hospitals for student’s internship.
  • A very pleasant and friendly camps life.
  • A very secure atmosphere for foreign students.
  • Above benefits make the Belarus your first choice to study medicine in Belarus.

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