University/College Selection

  • Assistance in selecting the course
    At first we get to know candidates interest. What level of education they want to enter in? Whether it is Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or Doctorates? With any specializations? With or without Scholarships? In India or Abroad? After knowing their interest we will provide them with a list of courses and universities related to their interest. The list will be created from our unique database which no one has in the market. Only because of these criteria we have tremendous number of satisfied candidates all over the world.
  • Assistance in selecting the University/College
    Once provided with the course of your interest along with the university list, we also provide counselling to the candidate about each and every institute in that list. As it would be a huge list, without confusing the candidate we will educate them about the instate details with fairness. We help students to get acquainted to all the positive and negative aspects of going to any particular university.
  • Assistance in selecting the country
    Like selecting the course, selecting the country where you want to obtain the degree is most important and crucial step in the career. We advise the candidate with the details about the country, work while you study options, job options after completing the course, available permanent settlement options while entering as a student.


  • We provide complete guidance on education for students.
  • Admission and Visa applications support and guidance.
  • Unbiased advice on the courses available in different University/College.
  • Guidance on settlement of fees with the Institution.
  • Scholarships availability, eligibility for those scholarships with deadline updates.
  • Career advice along with the chosen course career paths.

Our trained team members offer student/candidates the best assistance in budget, and country preferences. Please contact us if you are interested in our selection guidance and career advice.

Admission Guidance

  • Admission guidance is one of the major steps in your career. We help you to gain admission to the University/College under global aspire. This can be achieved with IMIMS career guidance. Professional and vocational courses are continuously expanding and more students are applying than before. Though the students have excellent academic achievement, impressive resume, good test scores, what they need is a right approach and counselling. We offer a pack of service which begins at the right time for the student, when he/she decides their higher education and finally getting them into the school of their choice.
  • Our consultants differ from the regular agency through their professional approach. Attention to each and every individual, because each student dream is unique and we value it. We have many success stories in fulfilling the student dreams.
  • We alert the students with the following guidelines before taking admission and also during enrolment.
    • Documents required for admission
    • Tremendous Academic Experience.
    • Fees structure, deadlines and available scholarships
    • Course materials for interview (if any)
    • Language certificate needed (if any)


Our experience and approach as education specialists

  • Comprehensive knowledge and database of universities
  • Individualized attention and approach for each student. Every student gets customized guidance and exclusive attention
  • We are aware of what each admission committee seeks. Based on that we have updated knowledge about the constantly changing admission criteria. Our special team gather all these information.
  • Each student is counselled throughout the entire process
  • Our motto is to prepare our student/clients to study on their dream course at the best school.

Exams and Coaching

  • Are you interested in abroad studies?
  • Are you not sure which examinations will help you?
  • Do you need help in preparations?

We IMIMS can guide you with our specially trained consultants. We train the students for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE, SAT and Medical Licensing examinations. We provide our students a unique personalized coaching. Our approaches helped several students to maximize their score in the competitive exams. Our coaching has produced incredible outcomes. Our experts/tutors will share tips, trick and strategies to face the examination. We enhance our students existing skills and knowledge with our training material, so that they are confident enough and score well in their exams. We have

  • Experience in comprehensive training for students preparing for their exams.
  • Tremendous Academic Experience.
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty.
  • Excellent Study material according to the latest syllabus.

Visa Assistance

  • Immigration is a one big choice which has the ability to change a person’s entire life. Obtaining visa is a major step in your decision of migration. We provide a range of visa application services.We help you in entire Visa process like, filling up application forms, advice on applying, completing the application formalities, collecting supporting documents, preparing financial statements, training for mock interviews,application follow up and also much more guidances.
  • We comprehensively deal with all the candidate visa application according to their needs. It is mandatory to undertake a profile check before proceeding with your application process. We do preliminary assessment of your skills and experience and assist you accordingly. With the constant changes in the immigration policies and visa rules, we assure our candidates to provide quality support. We regularly update all the consulates latest Visa documentation and rules.
  • Our team have trained adviser according to the opted country visa guidelines. Our counsellors attend regular training to keep them up to date in the visa rules and regulation.
  • We understand that you may need to have an appointment with our counsellor to discuss your query. We are able to offer appointments with our counsellor based on request prior to your visa application process.


  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate visa category
  • Completing the visa application and documentation
  • Preparation for the visa interview
  • Further assistance in appeals and reviews

Pre-departure Guidance

  • IMIMS provides complete pre-departure services for all our clients when you are in-land until your departure. We have unique guidance procedures which will help you prepare for departure.
  • Country selection and visa category selection
    Based on your visa category our experts will guide you throughout the visa process. Based on your selected country the processing time will differ. We always ensure proper application filing according to the rules and regulations.
  • Assistance with application and paper work
    Our consultant will help in selection and assist them with required paper work. Later visa application instructions and materials will be supplied. Further to your confirmation we are happy to assist you further in applying and obtaining a visa for your country of interest.
  • Medical Check Assistance
    Various countries need your medical check to be done before and after visa application. According to the need we will guide you with the information.
  • Fund Maintenance
    During visa application we will guide you for the fund maintenance for the specific period required for the migration category.
  • Family visa
    Our experts team will work with you when you are planning to sponsor your family along with your application or after your application.
  • Flight tickets
    We help you in booking tickets through our sister concern according to your convenience and budget.
  • Forex Assistance
    We also do currency exchange for the all the countries in the world. We always provide best rate with less service charges when compared to others available in the market.
  • Exclusive Orientation
    Our Consultant presents all information about Transport System, Life in the new country, How to adapt with home sickness, adapting to the new culture and also we provide you with contact information of our clients living in that country of your departure to build a social network. We also have post landing services which will be taken care by our team members.

Post Landing Services

  • IMIMS provide a complete range of services for all types of applicants travelling abroad. We have our own team members in all the countries for which we are processing. Our service providers will make you feel that you reached another home because of their warm welcome and experience guidance.
  • Airport Pickup
    A warm welcome to your country of landing upon arrival. Find our team member holding your name badge. They will escort the client from the Airport to their designated accommodation.
  • Accommodation
    A temporary accommodation is provided for a week. During this period we also help the clients get a permanent accommodation, according to their budget.
  • Public transport
    A public transport facility would be provided for one week
  • Bank Account
    We organise all the necessary documentation required for opening a bank account in various countries
  • Mobile Phone Set
    We set up Client’s mobile account (best value deals received). This service includes a SIM card + Credit
  • Medical Insurance
    We organise client’s Health insurance requirements as per the countries laws and regulations.
  • Job Search
    Where to get Employment news, careers etc. Major English/language newspapers and how to order them
  • Child Education system
    Various kinds of schools/Applying for your child's admission if you travelled with your family

Permanent Residency Support

  • A Permanent Resident Visa is usually the next step after being granted a Resident Visa. While Resident Visas have travel conditions that only allow a person to re-enter the country as a resident until a certain date, a Permanent Resident Visa allows indefinite re-entry into the country
  • We provide Permanent Residency Support to various countries starting from all the first world countries like USA, UK, and Australia. According to the client profile we give options to them. The suitable plan will be chosen by the client and whichever way is best suited to them, our team will go ahead with that plan.
  • We have countries where you can visit under tourist visa and apply for permanent residency. If you are interested please contact us to provide you with further details.

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