Counselling for Education

  • We help you to choose the best career path with our excellence in career guidance. When you are confused to choose a career IMIMS guides you to find solutions best suited for your profile.It is mandatory to invest adequate time and effort when you decided to apply for higher education abroad. Our trained staffs can provide you to identify your professional goal, enabling the student to take a wiser academic decision. We make sure that you apply to the ‘right’ program at the ‘right’ institute that perfectly fit your Career or Personal Goals.
  • Before you embark on your path to a new career, we conduct workshops to ease your transition. We also host direct interviews from university representatives & give comprehensive & unbiased information on various study options.
  • We are giving excellent and transparent education services to all the students to choose their dream career which includes the following :
    • Complete information about the requested course details by understanding your need
    • Counselling through direct interview for country and university selection
    • Recommends the suitable institution by profile analysis
    • Assistance in writing Curriculum vitae, Recommendation letter format and Statement of Purpose
    • Assistance in completing application form online, documentations, application review and submission.
    • Test preparation (IELTS/TOEFL)are taken care by our experts by checking your eligibility criteria for the test required.
    • Assistance and training for admission and visa interview.


  • Our education services are unique when compared to others because we have complete database about the courses all over the world including India. We won’t support any specific institution.
    • We are helping students to find their dream course.
    • Complete support and guidance for students in course selection
    • Course information and entry requirements are always updated by our counsellors.
    • Students can request any kind of information from our database.
    • Comprehensive support throughout the application process.

Counselling for Migration

  • Our Visa and Immigration Consultant is responsible for helping individuals who are relocating to abroad. We always ensure the client satisfaction and also follow all legal procedures that may occur in relation to their relocation by assisting them to obtain visas.
  • The Visa and Immigration Consultant will provide complete guidance on how best to obtain required documentation to migrate internationally and how to complete this process smoothly. Our consultant will work within strict timelines and communicate with authorities and the client consistently in a timely manner via email or telephone. Clients will be treated individually and the process tailored to suit them, with the hiring of translators if necessary. Our Consultant has a strong understanding of border control procedures as well as any related legislation.
  • Clients who want to migrate have to apply for visa based on their education background. This type of visa helps to target the skilled people who want to make their career in different countries. For the visa process, the candidate’s application will undergo various point tests to confirm their contribution in that country’s economy which is important to qualify for a permanent residency in the future.After specific years according to the country’s rules, they can be eligible for the citizenship in that country. The candidate files are assessed based on their Age, Occupation and English language skills depending on the country they apply. If you are looking for permanent residency in a country our Permanent Residency Support team will assist you. Please click here to find the list of countries we support for immigration.

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