Motor sports

Motor sports which involve competitors racing against each other include: Car racing, Motorcycle racing, Air racing, Kart racing, Boat racing, Drone racing, Hovercraft racing, Truck racing.

Studying Motor sports

  • Motor sports have an intense relationship to significant sociological elements including education, leisure, social stratification, and social mobility.
  • Media spends a great deal of its resources on motorsports. Major newspapers dedicate at least a quarter of its pages to this sport. Television and radio sports commentators achieve a high level of notoriety beyond the sports world.
  • Business spends a great deal of money on sports. Including financial contributions, advertising, as well as ownership of some professional teams.
  • Cities spend millions of dollars on motorsport stadiums for the exclusive use of major and minor league professional teams. The city government and corporate leaders claim that such arrangements are beneficial to the local economy by adding jobs.


But Motorsport is not only about Sporting and Engineering: Like any other industry, there are requirements for supporting business skills - Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Project Management. Whatever path you choose, gaining experience is very important. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in both the Sport and the Industry - just volunteering. Volunteer marshals are always in demand and this work can help you learn the rules of the circuit and the way motorsport functions.

Trend in Job Market

There are a number of excellent Motorsport Industry-dedicated agencies which can assist those seeking employment. To work in F1 might well be your long-term goal, but given it is the pinnacle of the Sport, understand that F1 teams only employ the best and most experienced applicants. The Motorsport Industry is predominantly made up of small to medium sized companies supplying products and services to the teams which participate in a hugely varied series of events around the globe. These SMEs are involved in research and development, testing, race car construction and supply of products/components such as gearboxes and composites. Services such as hospitality, catering, media, logistics are also central to motorsport. Each one of these areas is involved in the engineering competition that is Motorsport. The world of Motorsport mirrors the wider world of work, so jobs exist in areas such as Sales, Marketing, Hospitality, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, IT and Administration etc.,