Defence service and technology

The nature of responsibilities varies with the diverse range of activities in the defence services. The recruitment to the Armed Forces is voluntary and every citizen of India, irrespective of his caste, class, religion and community, is eligible for recruitment into the Armed Forces. Indian Defence Services offer dignified, prestigious, and lucrative career opportunities, as a part of the Indian defence services. One can serve in the Army, Air Force or Navy, on combat duty, on administrative assignments, in the medical services, engineering services, in the JAG’s Department, or in the Education Corps.

Studying Defence service and technology

  • A defensive course can help you to add onto your knowledge of defence and technology and also to improve your skills, allowing you to serve the country.
  • Improving your skills isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive, however. You’ll also have the possibility of supporting the whole nation from your defence record.
  • The graduates of the stream are eligible for being Commissioned Officers and Ground duty Officer in these fields, which can earn social status and pride.
  • The student who has passion in defence services can obtain job satisfaction. In the technology field, they also get opportunity for development and creativity along with satisfaction.
  • States differ in their laws, but some will even require that people finish a defence course to get their official position which is an added advantage.


Major courses are Defence and Strategic studies, Defence and national security studies. The discipline also include few other subjects like Military Science, Military Sociology, Military History, Defence Economics, Map Reading, Fire safety and management, security management, disaster management, security and counter intelligence. Graduation, Diploma and Post Graduate courses are also offered in these subjects also.

Trend in Job Market

One has end number of opportunities in the discipline. The major of them are in the following fields. Army, Air force, Coast Guard, Navy, Security agencies, Teaching, Tactical Services, Fire security, Journalism.